Alumni Center History

Alumni SITC, MPSI, IPSI and UPSI exist based on the existence of this institution in the four (4) era of SITC, MPSI, IPSI and UPSI. Once students complete their training in the SITC and MPSI, they automatically become alumni of this institution.

The initiative for this alumni gathering was run by several alumni at that time consisted of teachers and trainers by the name of Suluh Budiman Association. The association leadership exchanging until 2002, and the name of the association was changed to the Suluh Budiman Association when IPSI upgraded into a university in 1997.

But starting in 2002 and onwards, Alumni have been seen as an asset to the university and decided to incorporate as a single entity under the administration of the university. Starting in 2004, the Alumni Relations Unit was established under the administration of the Department of Student Affairs & Alumni and managed by an Assistant Registrar.

In 2007, the Alumni Relations Unit is upgraded to the Alumni Section. In 2010, the university’s management agreed to appoint a coordinator to facilitate the management of the alumni affairs of the university named Prof. Dr. Abdul Halim Ali. Starting in December 2011, HEPA and PTJ Center name been adjusted and have changed to the Alumni Relations Centre which is headed by a Director.

Alumni Center have been restructured and now focused on the implementation of the four (4) main functions of Administration & Finance, Communication & Information, Publication, Program & Activities. Before this, the location of Alumni Center is located on the Ground Floor, Block A of JHEPA building. In 2018, Alumni Center have been moved to Student Center Building at Sultan Azlan Shah Campus, Proton City

Administration & Finance

To plan, implement and control the administrative system and the establishment of Alumni Relations Center. Planning, managing and implementing financial systems of Alumni Relations Centre.

Communication & Information

Control access of Alumni communications including Website, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram and email. Manage and control the Alumni Tracer Study.


Program & Activities

Planning activities related to the alumni and become the secretariat together for the functions and programmes that involve of alumni such as Sirih Pulang ke Ganggang, Teacher's Day of Suluh Budiman, Reunion and so on.
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